Connecting to America’s Richest Demographic

America’s richest demographic, with a staggering 3 trillion dollars in spending power are not teens, tweens, 20 somethings or millennials as the media wants you to believe, no it’s us the 78 million Boomers all over the age of 50.  Yet, our culture idolizes youth appealing to “their” pocketbooks and representing “their” sensibilities and tastes in clothes, music, media, movies and technology all but ignoring Boomers with money in their pockets and the willingness to spend it.

My name is Doctor Rick author of Retirement: Different by Design.  I speak fluent “Boomer;” and, have a unique understanding of what Boomers value, need, want and just “gotta have.” I can show you how to engage, reach and sell to America’s wealthiest marketplace by:

    • Becoming Boomer friendly
    • Redefining and diversifying your product mix
    • Reshaping your value and unique selling propositions
    • Redirecting and reforming your messages and appeals
    • Rebranding yourself and your products
    • Extending your presence into America’s wealthiest marketplace



Want to Play in the Boomer Space?

A diversity of existing and new businesses have come on line or expanded to fill the real or perceived needs of our aging population not necessarily because it is the right thing to do, rather because there’s money to be made by competing for the attention and dollars of this Tsunami of Boomer Retirees.  There are the financial advisory firms wanting to manage our money telling us to trust them because they care about us; elder attorneys who want to protect our assets and our children’s future against unjust taxes and government greed; real-estate developers luring us to adult-only communities promising endless sunshine and a life of leisure; travel agencies, cruise lines and resorts offering endless food and comforts; health networks all competing to sell us Medicare supplemental insurance; and, those promising endless youth.  But many are missing the mark—by a longshot because they focus on our fears and infirmities while ignoring our capabilities and our desires for adventure and challenge.   We buy more cars, read more books, attend more cultural and entertainment events, travel more, have more second homes and live more fully than any other generation before us.  Yet we are almost “unseen” by the “taste-setters.”

Generational Differences Do Matter

Boomers and Retirees just don’t respond to the same advertising themes, messages and incentives; nor, do they necessarily seek-out the same services and products; or, value the same cultural icons, music and entertainments and products desired by younger demographics. There are generational differences that cannot be waved away by some advertising “sleight of hand.” I can help bridge that growing divide. Make no mistake about it, it’s getting crowded out there as late comers compete with more established businesses for Boomer attention and dollars; while others reinvent themselves, their products and services to gain a bigger “piece of the Boomer pie.”  Undeniably, the economic rewards are real, so are the failures.

I can redesign and redefine your product mix; and, redirect your messages and appeals so they don’t fall on “deaf ears.” You see, the “hard sell,” the “fear sell,” the “slick sell” just don’t work; and, they never really did.  These types of appeals and approaches have one thing in common— the audience, yes, the audience you spent so much time, effort and money assembling just shut down and effectively stopped listening—another  lost opportunity. I can connect you to the “graying” demographic by reshaping  your value propositions, services, products, messages and marketing plans so they are compatible with the interests, belief patterns, tastes, physical abilities, buying behaviors of the ever growing and graying Boomer Consumer—you know, the ones with the money.

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