Enhancing Your Credibility, Knowledgeability and Market Visibility

I personally value the services and products offered by financial advisors, elder attorneys; health providers; travel-related companies and enterprises, insurers, senior communities and all “legitimate” Boomer and retiree-focused enterprises and professionals. As one who has been benefited by those varied and valuable products and services I can, from a very personal perspective, describe, demonstrate and otherwise personally document and endorse how your products or services contribute to the retirement experience. I understand the internal struggles of new retirees; and, why some recognize the value of intangible products while others do not.  It’s better coming from me, one who has directly confronted those yet unknown retirement fears, realities and traps the soon-to-be retired will surely encounter; and, what happens when you are, as they say, “penny-wise” and pound-foolish.

Offering Something of Value

If you want to attract and get face-time with Boomers there is no better way than by offering something of value—and what’s more valuable to pre and post-retirees than preparing them for the trip ahead and facilitating their transition from work to retirement. Education and knowledge has value greater than money or cheap trinkets and dinners many use to lure new clients to their offices and businesses.  Are You Really Ready to Retire Mini Workshops is the primary vehicle for this collaboration.  Offered in either three or six hour versions Are You Really Ready to Retire Workshops will attract the types of thoughtful clients your business can recruit as “partners” and “friends” rather than just customers.

Sponsored by the collaborating partner; and, presented by Dr. Rick, each participant will receive a free copy of the book, Retirement: Different by Design. This is “our” opportunity to mutually advance our brands and enhance market visibility by making retirement a transformative experience for the many millions of soon-to-be and already retired Boomers—those who will be needing and seeking the services you offer.

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Enhancing Your Credibility, Knowledgeability and Market Visibility


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