Meet Dr. Rick

I am a recovering workaholic that’s “workaholic” not “alcoholic.”

Earning my Ph.D. in Communications and Social Psychology from Syracuse University during a time of turmoil and social unrest known to us Boomers as the 60’s and 70’s I walked the streets of our nation’s most impoverished neighborhoods and joined the War on Poverty, but Poverty won.

Moving on to the State University of New York and a combined 42 year career I became a recognized organizational and management development expert, a professor, System Vice Provost, University Vice President, and sought-after consultant.  I have been invited to the White House and sent to the doghouse. And, was during my career, awarded more than $600 million dollars to make our communities, country and nation states around the world better custodians of their peoples’ futures.

I am now happily retired and doing what I “want” to do, not what others “tell” me to do.”

That is, writing, consulting and speaking, hurtling down snow covered mountains as a full time ski instructor; sailing the clear waters of Lake Champlain; riding my bicycle; and, always, always seeking my next adventure; and, most of all enjoying the ride wherever it takes me.