Selling to Boomers

Updating, training and reenergizing front line and back-office marketing and sales staff, often from entirely different generations, to effectively communicate and connect with Boomers, the soon-to-be and the already retired should be a priority for any boomer/retiree centric professional or enterprise. Stuff happens and things change and we must always stay ahead of the curve. And, for businesses operating in the “Boomer Space” Dr. Rick focuses on what motivates Boomers and Retirees; how they view the world; what is important to them and what is not; why they do what they do, value what they value, buy what they buy; and, their fears, needs, wants and desires.  Your sales staff will learn how to effectively communicate with retirees without “puffery;” or, by trotting out all the possible “horribles;” rather, by remaining relentlessly positive and optimistic.  Understanding our realities is the first step in understanding how, where, and why your product or service fits into our life model—not yours!

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