Retirement Coaching
Dr. Rick offers retirement coaching opportunities for individuals or family units seeking a more personalized approach.  Every client will receive a signed copy of Retirement: Different by Design Contact Dr. Rick about available time slots and pricing.  Coaching sessions, while typically 60 minutes, can be customized based upon client interests and requirements.  Sessions can be conducted in-person, telephonically or by Skype.
Organizationally Sponsored Workshops
Retirement Workshops can be presented in either single or multi-day formats and fully customized to meet the specific requirements and expected outcomes of the hosting institution.


The two primary offerings are:

  1. Are You Really Ready to Retire; and,
  2. Healthy Aging: Taking Care of Our Emotional and Physical Selves

Dr. Rick personally hosts the Are You Really Ready to Retire Workshops and Sharon Lastique, a Certified Health Coach and experienced workshop leader, hosts Healthy Aging.


Benefits of Workshop Sponsorship

By making retirement an expectation, you won’t have to resort to expensive retirement “buyouts” or those dreaded workforce reductions in times of economic stress and dislocation.

What more worthwhile gift can you give long-serving employees than the gift of knowledge — the knowledge that will help make their retirements the best years of the rest of their lives. While many organizations see retirements as an opportunity to reduce costs, smart ones know it really is an opportunity to reshape the organization in subtle or more profound. Send a message to the entire organization that you care about “them”and their future seven when retired. Retirees can either pass on their knowledge and experience orthey can say “screw you” or worse —if you say “who cares” you will be reinventing the unproductive processes solved so many years ago

It’s the right thing to do

Speaking & Keynoting

Dr. Rick, an accomplished and dynamic platform speaker and keynoter, connects with his audience using a mix of interactive activities and audience participation making his presentations both informative and entertaining.

Whether it is a room full of the soon-to-be, or already retired,wanting to know what life after work will be like for them; or, retiree-centric businesses and professionals wanting to connect with America’s wealthiest demographic, Dr. Rick brings his breakthrough book, Retirement: Different by Design to life.

Challenging those preconceived myths many of the younger generation have about retirement and retirees Dr. Rick explores the entire retirement experience and, what makes Boomers and retirees do what they do, value what they value, buy what they buy; and, how we view the world.

Understanding our realities is the first step in understanding how, where, and why your product or service fits into our life model not yours!